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The clinical unit

Experience in dermatology
Your health is the most important good, for this reason you should trust only the best professionals.
Personal care
Complete contact with the patient is our primary goal, both before and after the invasive procedure.
Patient safety
The saying of Hippocrates "benefit or not harm" governs the safety of our patients and is for us the main guideline in any small or large operation.
Correct invasive plan
Before each operation the patient is informed in detail about the procedure as well as the postoperative stage.

Welcome to our clinic!

We cover a wide range of dermatological diseases

The main areas of specialization include the removal of skin tumors, removal of cysts and lipomas, treatment of scars, onyx surgery and other related surgeries covering the entire spectrum of skin surgery.

Dermaphen Acne scars

Dr. Tzovaras Stefanos   developed this method and applied exclusively in our clinic.

It is a combined application of dermabrasion and phenol peeling in a single session. The method was developed out of the need for a truly effective treatment for acne scars, as the usual methods (fractional laser, RF, TCA) are ineffective.

This method can be applied with the same success to photoaging of the face, smoky wrinkles.


Cysts or fats can be easily removed
The main symptoms of varicose veins are very visible
Hyperhidrosis is associated with a deterioration in quality of life.
Nail repair painlessly and safely.
Permanent hair removal using laser.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) 
Acne is the most common skin condition.
Almost every adult has a number of moles
Get rid of unpleasant tattoos.
The correct diagnosis should always be made by a specialized dermatologist.
An nevus, ie a mole, should always be examined by a dermatologist.
Lipomas and cysts are considered benign tumors.

Absolute specialization in hair transplantation with the FUE method

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